Younger Furniture had built a reputation for fashioning superbly crafted furniture for a few of the worlds largest retail brands. But the next generation of the Younger family was stepping up to the helm and they wanted to build Younger into its own consumer facing brand. They approached us about developing a strategy to position the brand while also helping to expand their retail offer.  


The quality of Younger’s people and products were the obvious focal point, and our strategy centered around the brand’s story of authentically, masterfully bench-made furniture crafted on-site from locally sourced materials. To underscore the input of the people behind the brand, we evolved the company name from simply Younger to the current Younger + Co.


Meanwhile, product quality and craftsmanship was given a nod by deconstructing their furniture and using the materials to create the marketing materials. Business cards were crafted from real maple wood like the frames of their furniture. The product binder was wrapped in a high-performing stain resistant fabric option available by the brand. Product displays were redesigned along with hangtags bringing together both tradition and modernity, with similar consideration given to a new 1:1 custom order and Quick-Ship programs and marketing materials developed.