A founding member of the BIG10 conference, Northwestern University needed to refresh and reinvigorate the look of its football program while staying true to its roots. NU engaged Device to redefine the team’s branding and visual language for the 2015 season.

We took an entirely new approach from the design of previous seasons, retaining only the school’s iconic ‘N’ logo and a design motif of varying stripes that has long been a part of the school’s wider branding efforts. A whole new photography direction was envisioned – one designed to better reflect the attitude of the team while meshing with the new design.

The season ticket book incorporates a fresh set of custom icons, an updated seating chart and a cohesive layout. Custom foiling on the tickets and passes provide tamper-proof security while adding premium appeal.

The result is a united identity that reflects the presence and strength of a century-long legacy – while carrying it boldly into the present.