Canadian destination wedding planner Lynn Lee takes pride in never doing the same thing twice. But we knew there had to be a common thread throughout her work that could be identified and expressed. Through a collaborative process, we realized that while each of Lynn’s wedding designs is unique, her overall approach is underpinned by one thing – an unwavering attention to detail.

We developed a visual identity to reflect this, crafting a suite of sophisticated, modern design elements that can be mixed in subtle, limitless ways. Beginning with a master logo, we then explored further expressions of Lynn’s brand with a logotype, a signature script and classic-meets-contemporary design features.  An example is the business card. We took a sueded ivory specialty paper, edged it with silver, then foiled patterns and design elements along Lynn Lee’s signature. We wrapped the result with a silver label stock engraved with her logo design.

Refined, complex and quietly detailed, it speaks softly but unforgettably – the very embodiment of Lynn’s brand.