- \\ DEVICE OLD NEWS + SO LONG 2016 // -


Good design solves problems. Especially business ones. We know it, because we live it every day.

Design is our thing – and we’ve made it our business. But like great design, great business takes work. It’s a skill you earn by rolling up your sleeves and putting in the hours. So many of them that your 2016 reflections post ends up being a week late.    

When we opened the doors to Device Creative Collaborative in July 2012, it was because anticipation had won out over apprehension. We’d been wanting to strike out on our own for years, but we’d never felt the time was right.

But we were hard workers. We were conscientious. And we were humble enough to listen and learn. We had a couple of great clients, and we had the drive to make sure they stuck around – and to add a few more along the way.

We could get started, or we could sit around waiting for the stars to align. 

So we put our heads down and let the work take over. We designed, created, crafted and branded our hearts out. And at some point the calendar clicked over to 2017.

If we’ve been scarce at gatherings or barbecues this past year, it’s because we’ve had a few other things on our plates. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to.


In March 2016, Reynolda House Museum of American Art opened its Ansel Adams: Eloquent Light exhibition. We collaborated with the team at Reynolda to develop its visual identity, exhibition graphics, merchandise and marketing materials. The exhibition became Reynolda’s most attended and received a first place American Alliance of Museums award.


The success of the Ansel Adams partnership led to an ongoing collaboration with Reynolda. We were pretty pleased to be awarded the Reynolda House Centennial and Rebranding, especially with well-respected branding firms also in contention. The Museum turns 100 this year, and we’re excited to have completed its centennial identity – and can’t wait to continue the Reynolda rebrand throughout 2017.


It was sweet to be approached by Krispy Kreme about shaking up its iconic designs. We were tasked with reimagining the packaging – and to come up with something totally new for the international market. You can find our coffee cup redesign in select stores, and there are some more collaborations in the works that we hope to share soon. 


We’ve been working with the team behind Midnight Moon and Method + Standard for nearly a decade. So we were happy to continue things by helping set the stage for the 2017 launch of their fourth spirit. An extension of Midnight Moon, it’s an American Whiskey that will hit the shelves in March.


Wake Forest University is known for its excellent in-house design department, and its talented team is behind some of the best college marketing out there. So it was seriously vindicating to be chosen as a Wake Forest creative partner.


We might have spent most of 2016 holed up in our studio, but our work was out making the rounds. Along the way it was recognized by some of the world’s leading design publications and organizations. Graphis, Type Directors Club, Communication Arts, HOW and Print are a few. 

We’re not in this for the awards, but they’re a great marker that we’re giving this all we’ve got. Our design is who we are, and we love that it speaks for itself. And with two new designers on our team, we’re set to take on 2017.  


A packaging redesign for a premium wine brand by E & J Gallo. 

A brand platform and website for a local architect needing an international presence. 

An ongoing collaboration with Lynn Lee, Canada’s premier destination wedding planner. 


It’s been an incredible adventure – and an incredible venture. In a few years we’ve gone from dreaming to doing. Really doing. And we can wholeheartedly say that every minute has been a triumph. 

When you do what you love you can’t help but do it well. People get that. And they’ll come to you with new and awesome opportunities. We’re more than grateful for that trust and that buy-in. It’s a big thing to share your brand vision with someone and trust that they’ll bring it to the world in the best way possible.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to rebrand or launch a product, then don’t. Now is as good of a time as ever. We’ve seen it firsthand. Creating and building brand distinction through heart-pounding design, immersive branding and disruptive packaging is what we’re all about, so let us know if you need a push to get you to where you need to be.

Let’s get 2017 started!